Pallet Couch Pallet Sofa the Tarrou Way, Time Stamps in Description

Nope, this is not another math lesson. In this video we are going to be showing you how to build a sectional couch out of pallets. Like my shirt says, we are about to do something awesome. So we just went to our friend’s house in Tennessee and she went onto Pinterest and saw all of these wonderful pictures of sectional couches made out of pallets. And, she had seen our video on how to make Christmas trees out of pallets. I am going to put a link to that video right there. She had also seen pictures where we had done sink tables out of pallets and you will see in the bottom left hand corner of the scene some Americana style flags out of pallets and thought you could do this while you are up here please.I thought, how hard could it be. They all looked really nice on Pinterest. But, we started realizing that there were no was measurements, there was no real instructions on how to make these pallet couches. I want to share with you what we learned in trying to develop this sectional couch our friends. Now, one thing…the number one thing is we never realized how many different shapes and sized pallets came in. That became really important when you needed to use ten of these pallets to build on sectional couch. A standard size pallet which is what we are using here is 40 inches wide. They are 48 inches tall as they stand and these particular pallets are 4.5 inches thick, but that thickness can vary anywhere from 4.5 and 5.25 inches as we discovered trying to build our couch. That made it very difficult to try and get them all to stack evenly so you of course have a nice comfortable flat sectional couch. So that is the number one thing as you start getting these supplies together and hopefully finding some pallets from small businesses in this area that maybe will just let you take them off their hands for free.Try to get them all made the same. The second thing, we pallets with thin boards, we have pallets with thick boards. If you are trying to get these for free, sometimes you have no choice. But, the wider boards tended to be more comfortable as a seat. Just be aware of that. Again it is something else to look at as you are trying to find these old pallets to make your sectional couch out of.Second thing or third thing excuse me, I already did the second thing. These pallets, what are they made out of? Well, if they are made out of pine hopefully they are still going to be lasting a good while for you. I think all of these pallets are treated to be outdoors. But a lot of these older pallets especially these grey weathered pallets my wife likes to use in our projects. They tend to be made out of oak which is really hard. Because of that toughness of the oak, you are going to want to make sure that on your supply list for this project you include some drill bits so that you can pre-drill any holes that you might need if you have to nail these boards down a little bit more on the surface to tighten them up if they got loose through their life of work. You might even need to pretrial some holes to screw all these boards together because you might snap some screws trying to go into your oak.Ok, fourth thing, when you go to build your sectional couch you need to be aware of the size of the cushions that you are going to use. So go to your local outdoor hardware store or patio store and find some cushions that you feel would like on your sectional couch. The ones that we used in this picture of our friend’s final couch project that we did for them, we used 22 by 22 inch square cushions that were about 4 of 5 inches think with some really nice density. We had gone through many cushions trying to decide what we were going to put on the couch. The thinner cheaper cushions really made an uncomfortable seat because your butt kind of sunk into these gaps between the boards.It really was not that comfortable. So, be aware of the cushion that you are wanting to use for your sectional couch before you start designing it. That might affect how you build it. But, with 20 inch square cushions if you can find those or like we used the 22 inch square cushions we used seven for our entire couch. They fit pretty nice. What we are going to do to build this couch is to…it sounds really simple. We are just going to cuts these two pallets into four halves. That is going to make one of our sections. Three are going to give you the base and the fourth is going to act as the back of the seat. The seat back is going to be at an angle. What I did, and you will see through the project, I hid the 2×4’s inside the pallets so they didn’t stand out too much when you see the final project done. That is what is this third pallet here is four.I am going to disassemble this pallet. I am going to use it as a table for the first part of this project and then I am going to disassemble it and use these’s as support for the back of our sectional or the back of our seat of this couch. The supplies that you need for this project is a circle saw. This one has a 7.25 inch blade. That will allow you to cut all the way through the pallet in two passes, one on the top and one on the bottom. Some circular saws only have a 6.5 inch blade. In that case you are probably going to need a hand saw to finish cutting through the pallet. You are going to need a tape measure. A pencil of course and what are these…safety googles as you are doing your cuts. The previously mentioned drill bits and electric drill or screw gun. A right angle that you might find Handy to make your lines or just use a big ol piece of wood to make your straight lines or marks as you get ready to cut these pallets in half.You are going to want on that screw gun if you would like to hide the screws as you try…not try but as you assemble your seat, get one of these extenders that have a slider sleeve on it to allow you some extra reach in the pallet as you screw it together. You can pull this out and hold the screw onto your magnetic bit. That is also what is nice about these extensions. It makes is much easier to not lose your screws. See that holds your screw as you get ready to put it into your pallet and screw your wood together. OOOhhh ok. Screw down. So it is not perfect but it does help. Lastly, I think I have taken care of everything, is once you get your first seat done of your sectional. And we would all like to be comfortable. If you angle that back, make a jig so that the angle of all of your other parts of your sectional couch are the same.I will give you the measurements of this little jig that I made for the seat back as we go through our project. Let’s make this easy for you, as easy as we possible can. Oh!!! Yes, you might also want to have a crowbar Handy incase you would like to use some of the boards in the back of these pallets to fill in the gaps on the front, or just need to as you see me disassemble this pallet here, these pallets are also made of twisted nails.They are really good if you want to not have your pallet fall apart as it is getting used in the warehouse or whatever, but those twisted nails make it very hard to pull these boards apart without breaking them. We will do our best that we can if needed with a crowbar and a hammer, trying to pop those apart without breaking so that we have some boards that are usable. So let’s get on to cutting these pallets in half and creating this one seat of our sectional couch. BAM!!! Nananananana… So with our first pallet laid down here we are going to mark off the middle of this pallet. Again these pallets are 48 inches long.So just to cut it down the middle I am going to mark off, put a line at the 24-inch mark to cut this half. I am using this pallet as the seat and the seat back because I think these wide boards are going to be more comfortable. Now on the first pass on the top of this pallet I am not actually going through any boards, so you know, using this straight edge is not really necessary. When I flip this over there is a board in the middle that I am going to want to make a straight cut through. That is where this comes in and here we go. Now one thing to be aware of when you are working with circular saws is that they are very dangerous. I should have said something before I started to make these cuts because I saw it happen here in the second board even though I fast forwarded the video. I got a little bit of a kick back. I started making my cut a little bit crooked and it wanted to jump back at me because of that.So you want to make sure that you have a really really good grip on this circle saw and you are very very careful with it. Another thing, I don’t know if I am going to need to do it with this project, but if you need to cut any of the boards off the back of these pallets to do the assembly when you assemble the back of the seat with the seat bottoms along that 2×4, you may get a little bit of a kick back as you are cutting the boards out the pallets. Again make sure that you have a really good grip on that circle saw as you are using it.Don’t forget the safety googles. Also when you put your circle saw down, make sure that you unplug it so that no one hits that trigger not knowing that it was plugged in. Obviously you don’t want them to hurt themselves or you. Ok, giving myself a bit of a sawdust shower there. It is probably not be a bad idea to wear a dust mask either just as a tip. There we have our pallets cut in half. Now, I missed a little bit there. You can clean that up with a hand saw or you can just go at that a little with your circle saw again to straighten that up. These cuts are going to be the back of the couch, it would be better if you hit them exactly, but if you don’t no one is really going to see it.It is going to be in the back again, in the back of the couch. There we have our four halves. Alright!!! So we have three halves stacked up. This is going to be the seat of our section of our couch. This seat with three halves stacked up is 14 inches tall. If you get some cushions that are 4 or 5 inches thick at your patio store, you are going to have a perfect height of 18 or 19 inches for your couch. Now, this is the back of the couch you are looking at right now.
What I need to do is remove some of these boards and notch the top board to make room for the 2×4 that is going to be the support of the back of our seat. What I am doing, is I am standing on this board up and just trying it to line up with the support of the pallet, get the back of the board lined up with the back of the seat/support and then run a pencil line around to make a notch for this 2×4 to sit in. Again these boards are going to get removed, this board right here is going to get removed, and I am probably going to have to make a notch in some of these inside boards as well. What you don’t want to remove, if you have it, this bottom board. Because that is going to give you some support in your seat and not want to rock back when you sit in your couch.

8 Tips for Designing Your Home!

Right here are some very easy ideas to enhance your home. Taking a couple of minutes to think of your residence will certainly help you fully enjoy it.
Consider your house, and answer these questions:

1. What do you desire it to be?

If you want your residence to be a peaceful oasis in an active globe, are your colors relaxing or do they yell? If you want a fun area for pals to collect, do you have lots of seating?

2. What are your primary leisure activities and tasks?

What do you require for these tasks? For instance, if you have a collection that you work on usually, get storage space containers for it that can be quickly opened or done away with. If it’s a great deal of trouble to access your collection, you either won’t spend the time on it, or else might be attracted to leave it out and take the chance of shedding or breaking particular items.

3. Who will be utilizing the area?

How many people will be living there? What ages? It is very important for every person to have a space that’s their very own. Whether it’s an unique chair, couch, desk or a section of a space, every person requires ‘their area’. If you’re preparing to do video aerobics, you’ll require area to move around in front of the TV!

4. What about your points?

It’s very easy to become extremely unpleasant if things don’t belong. A small filing closet is a need to for many individuals– it’s an excellent location to save all the papers that you do not understand what to do with!

5. Just how much do you actually require?

Way too much furniture makes a space seem crowded. The bare fundamentals are a couch as well as chair, a table as well as chairs for consuming, a bed as well as location for your clothing. Afterwards, concentrate regarding what you need or don’t need. Will you truly use that computer workdesk– or would you instead remain on the couch with a laptop computer?

Conserving Space in the One-Room or Studio Apartment

Whether you are living in a studio apartment or a small efficiency apartment or condo, there are methods to make your residence comfy, practical, and attractive.
No more are you bound by the confines of marked space – you can make up your home’s character and set aside area as you see fit.

To make your one-room or small home an area you like to come residence to – ensure you organize as well as enhance your items to suit your tasks as well as rate of interests.Area planning starts with analyzing exactly how you prepare to survive a d ay-by-day basis. Begin with awakening, grabbing morning meal, mosting likely to work, getting home, unwinding and spending your night hours. Think about just how each of these activities would be simplified and also more comfy with the correct amount of room.

For many house residents, absence of room is a continuous problem.

If you don’t have the room, think of what can be compromised. Adhering to a space budget is really no various than enjoying your money. The even more space you have, the much more you can allow for points as well as the even more you can divide your activities with room designated for enjoyable, living, home-officing working out, and sleeping. The less you have, the extra creative you require to be.The main thing to think about is committing one of the most room to the task that is the most important, and afterwards setting up the room to make the execution of that task easier.